Advising clients at the earliest stages of a project before even a project has been formalised is essential. Client bodies with little experience of assessing and checking the viability of a project require advice from many different professionals not least planning and design.

As a DQI facilitator, RIBA Client advisor and previously as an enabler for CABE. I have assisted clients in the early stages of project definition, assessment and judging design proposals.

Most recently this has involved working with Cambridge City Council on the procurement under OJEU rules of a design led developer for a 200 residential development at Clay farm, one of the Cambridge urban extensions. THis required devising a robust methodology for assessing design that satisified both the City Council’s desire for a design led development partner within the constraints and requirements of legal advice and procurement officers in the Council.

As design adviser to SWRDA, I was involved in running and assessing design competitions for a new bridge over the Bristol’s Floating Harbour and for residential towers on the Temple Quay 2 development area.

Whilst working with Bedford Town Council on the Town Centre Master plan, I was involved in the briefing and assessment of the Castle Mound design competition assessment.